From Thursday, January 31st to Monday, February 4th, CHRM2 hosted an intensive cultural immersion weekend for international VIA fellows and American JSEAHR editorial board member, Stacia Yoon, and her husband.

As an international research centre, CHRM2 values exchange and intercultural learning experiences. This past weekend allowed our international guests to be exposed to Indonesian culture and the country’s beautiful attractions.

On Thursday, CHRM2 went to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall in the Lumajang Regency in East Java. Attendees stopped along the way to try local, in-season fruit, including the king fruit: Durian.

Friday, VIA fellows attended CHRM2’s 2nd monthly Go Green Campaign Fun Bike and promoted sustainability on the University of Jember’s campus. Later that day, Stacia Yoon presented a talk entitled, “Kepailitan dalam Perspektif Sistem Hukum Amerika,” and discussed an overview of bankruptcy law in the United States. The discussion was attended by 40 graduate law students.

On Saturday, CHRM2 hosted their 2nd Annual Human Rights Camp. The highlight of this trip was a water adventure with Glenmore Rafting in Banyuwangi. Participants were able to experience the beautiful, panoramic scenery of the Gumitir hills and the surrounding plantations.

Sunday morning, February 3rd, CHRM2 teamed up with the cycling groups TCC UNEJ Cycling Club and the Freeliners. 20 cyclists toured around the Jember Regency and had a final breakfast with traditional rendang.

After a rest, our international guests drove to Ijen crater to hike up for the sunrise. Making it to the top by 3 AM, the hikers were well rewarded with blue fire and a spectacular sunrise over the crater’s lake.






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