Human Rights Training & Consultancy

Who are we?

The Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration (CHRM2) is part of the University of Jember’s strategic Centres within Southeast Asia to promote research and collaboration in the specialised areas of human rights with cognate disciplines. Established in 2017, the centre´s vision is to boost the strength of the University of Jember to become a leading, global university centred in Southeast Asia.

What is the objective?

In an era where corporate social responsibility is paramount, companies worldwide are recognizing the need to integrate human rights principles into their business practices. A Human Rights Training Consultancy can play a crucial role in guiding organizations to align their operations with ethical standards and international human rights frameworks. This consultancy aims to empower companies with the knowledge and tools necessary to create a workplace culture that respects and upholds human rights for all.

How we approach the training & consultancy?

Tailored Training Programs: Our consultancy specializes in developing customized training programs to address the unique needs and challenges of each organization in Indonesia. These programs are designed to foster a deep understanding of human rights principles, ensuring relevance and effectiveness across diverse industries in Indonesia.

Legal Compliance: We provide comprehensive training on Indonesian national and international human rights laws, helping companies navigate complex regulatory landscapes. This ensures that businesses not only meet legal obligations but also contribute to the global effort in upholding fundamental human rights.

Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity: Our training emphasizes Indonesian cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, promoting a diverse and respectful workplace environment. By fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance, companies can enhance employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration.

Risk Mitigation: We assist companies in Indonesia in identifying and mitigating human rights risks within their business operations. Proactive risk management not only protects a company’s reputation but also contributes to the overall improvement of human rights conditions.

Reporting and Accountability: Our consultancy guides companies in establishing robust reporting mechanisms and accountability frameworks. By promoting transparency and accountability, organizations can build trust with stakeholders and demonstrate their commitment to human rights.


What benefit will you get?