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About Us

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CHRM2 is a research centre established in 2017, aiming to develop multidisciplinary studies at the University of Jember.

Enhance Jember University’s global strength

The establishment of CHRM2 is part of the University of Jember’s strategic centres to promote research and collaboration in the specialised areas of human rights within Southeast Asia with cognate disciplines. The Centre’s vision is to boost the strength of the University of Jember to become a leading, global university centred in Southeast Asia.

Transform collaboration in the academic field of Human Rights

Through rigorous research and collaboration, The Centre seeks to transform the way we think of acquiring knowledge in this rapid globalising world; a knowledge that meets the ideals of justice and the standards of human rights. In order to succeed, we conduct an annual international conference (alongside other academic programs) in collaboration with world-renowned professors, practitioners, and policymakers.

Revolutionise global knowledge acquisition practices

As a regular part of its strategy, The Centre publishes scholarly articles in the Journal of Southeast Asian Human Rights (JSEAHR), currently indexed by Scopus Elsevier. In the future, CHRM2 hopes to establish a Master’s Degree in Human Rights (M.A./LL.M.).

Overarching aims:

Globalizing knowledge for human rights.

The Centre conducts an biennial human rights conference and other kinds of academic programs by inviting world-renowned professors, practitioners, and policymakers. As part of its strategic plans, the Centre also publishes scholarly articles in the Journal of Southeast Asian Human Rights (JSEAHR) currently indexed by Scopus Elsevier.


Meet Our Professional Team

Our teams work collaboratively, achieving excellence through synergy.

Al Khanif


Cindy Claudia Putri

Research Analyst

Bahjah Ayu Bakta

Project Officer