A milestone has been made by the Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism and Migration (CHRM2) University of Jember because one of its researchers, Dr. Al Khanif, also known as the director of the Centre published a book by title Religious Minorities, Islam and the Law: International Human Rights and Islamic Law in Indonesia. The book was published by Routledge London and will be ready for sell soon. Readers and academia interested to buy this book can purchase directly using this link:


Taken from the blurb of the book, this book examines the legal conundrum of reconciling international human rights law in a Muslim majority country and identifies a trajectory for negotiating the protection of religious minorities within Islam.

The work explores the history of religious minorities within Islam in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim population, as well as the present-day situation ways by which the government may address issues through reconciling international human rights law and Islamic law. Given the context of multiple sets of religious norms in Indonesia, this is a complicated endeavor. In addition to amending and enacting human rights norms, the government is also negotiating with the long history of Islamisation in Indonesia. Particularly relevant is the practice of customary law, which puts the rights of community over individualism. This practice directly affects the rights of religious minorities within Islam. Readers, especially those conducting research, will also be exposed to information and references which are relevant to the field of human rights, especially that of religious minorities and international law.

The book will be a valuable resource for academics and researchers in the fields of International Human Rights Law, Law and Religion, and Islamic Studies. The book will also become a new collection at the Centre.

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