AYU TRIWIDIASTUTI (Research Assistant)
Reasearch Assistant at the Centre for Human Rights, Muliticulturalism, and Migration
Email :  ayuwidias12345@gmail.

AYU TRIWIDIASTUTI is active in student organization such as English Student Association (ESA) University of Jember. Besides studying English, Ayu is passionate about event coordination, community organization, and team collaboration. She hopes to utilize the leadership skills she has developped to later and also have interested to Human Rights especially to a Transitional Justice to conduct research on victims of war and kind of stuff. So hopefully Ayu can share her research result and Implemented in her society life.


Organization Experience
Part of Education Division of English Student Association (ESA) at English
Education at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, part of choir at FKIP (PARANADA), Research
Assistant of Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration

Willing to invest in longterm projects
Attention to detail
Big picture approach

Conference, Seminar & Summit
International Conference “YOUTH SPEAK” 2018, International Youth Conference (IYC) 2018, SDG’s Camp 2018, 3rd International Conference of CHRM2 (University of Jember)

Working Experience
Committee for ESA COMP 2017
Committee for Workshop Paper English Education 2018
Organization Committe President for International Summer Course 2018
Participant of Transitional Justice Summer Course represent by Asia Justice and Rights
Comittee of 3rd International Conference of CHRM2 (University of Jember)