In Commemoration of the Pancasila Day on 1 June, the Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration (CHRM2) publishes a new book titled “Pancasila dalam Pusaran Globalisasi”. It is the third series of book initiated by the University of Jember to publish book annually with theme Pancasila (the Five Principles of Indonesia).

The current book deals with Pancasila interfacing the global perspective and reiterates the position of Pancasila in the competition between ideologies in the era of globalization. This perspective is paramount in view of Pancasila to be considered by all the people of Indonesia as the way of life. However, Pancasila in the current context has been questioned complexities. Indonesia, as the largest muslim country and the third largest democracy in the world, puts the significance of Pancasila where Pancasila has been continuously eroded by transnational ideology. This may place Pancasila seems to be meaningless.

The values of Pancasila comprising divinity, civilization, democracy and justice under the unity of Indonesia are often interpreted to protect the partial interest of the nation. Thus, there should be a means to understand that they have a sustainable ideology amidst the changing world. To address the complexities, the book offers various views of Pancasila amidst the globalization in the field of social and political sciences, philosophy, law, economics, and human rights.

Book Display UNEJ Faculty of LawOn 31 May 2017, the day before the book launch, the Centre offers the book with a 50% discounted price at University Main Library and UNEJ Faculty of Law. Students and Lecturers can take the offer only this day.

On 1 June 2017, the book will be launched at the 2nd floor of University Administrative Building (Rektorat). Rector will launch the book in which it will be attended by the authors and invited participants. Each author and participant will deserve one printed copy of the book.