On December 21, 2019 the Center for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration was informed that it has received exceptional attention from well renowned fellowship database, Pro Fellow. ProFellow’s founder, Vicki Johnson, personally wrote to the Centre, writing to notify that its fellowship program ranked #3 on The 10 Trendiest Fellowships of 2019. 


Please read below for a full copy of the letter: 


Dear Director of CHRM2,

I’m writing to announce that Fellowships at CHRM2 is #3 on‘s list of The 10 Trendiest Fellowships of 2019. With a member base of more than 125,000 fellowship seekers, ProFellow’s audience provides unique insights into the world’s most popular professional and academic fellowships. Selections for this list are based on the number of times they have been newly favorited in our fellowships database in 2019 versus 2018.

Congratulations! Please feel free to share on your press page and social networks.

Thank you for offering such a valuable fellowship!

Warm regards,


Vicki Johnson

Founder and Director, ProFellow

San Francisco, CA


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