As of August, 2018, we have welcomed two new members to the CHRM team. They are Global Community Fellows of the VIA Programs (Volunteers in Asia), working as both language editors and English teachers.

Eleanor Jones, a recent Fulbright fellow and graduate from St. Mary’s University, is teaching a high intermediate EAP (English for Academic Purposes) class to lecturers hoping to take the IELTS exam. These lecturers, from various faculties in the University of Jember, hope to score highly on the exam, and ultimately study or research abroad. Eleanor also teaches a small intermediate EAP course for math professors who want to improve their English skill, as well as potential learn how to teach in English. Additionally, Eleanor teaches a private high beginner course with two law professors, Professor Arief Amrullah and Galuh Puspaningrum. They hope to focus on their speaking abilities with Eleanor for preparation to become external examiner of a PhD viva at Leiden Law School, the Netherland.

Tamara Biddle, a TEFL certified recent graduate from Boston University, is also teaching two EAP courses. Her beginner EAP class is taught at the center, including lecturers from various faculties who hope to enhance their English skills. Ultimately, these students strive towards potential abroad opportunities. In September, Tamara will begin teaching a TOEFL focused course. Intermediate students wishing to improve their TOEFL score will train their proficiency, to subsequently take the exam at the end of the second semester. This class will focus on speaking and listening during the first semester, followed by reading and writing during the second semester.

The VIA fellows, Eleanor and Tamara, are thrilled to be teaching such enthusiastic students!

Tamara and Eleanor are also working as professional proofreaders for the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, JSEAHR and the Lentera Hukum Journal published by the Centre. They will proofread manuscripts from lecturers at the University of Jember, specifically those from social science subjects. CHRM and University of Jember hopes that the edits will help lecturers to publish articles in reputable journals.

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