On January 15-16, 2021, CHRM2 organized the 2021 work plan (RENJA) activities which took place at the Gumitir Café Jember and the Kendi Villa. In this activity, researchers and research assistants CHRM2 discussed RENJA to be carried out during 2021. The focus of RENJA 2021 activities is to maximize research and publish scientific works such as books and journals. There are 11 activities that will be carried out by CHRM, such as call for book chapters, journal management, summer courses and annual conferences as well as other incidental activities.
After RENJA, the participants enjoyed the natural beauty of the Glenmore River by rafting managed by G-Raft. This RENJA and outbound activity is expected to become an annual program. In addition to designing activities, it is also intended to strengthen friendship between researchers.

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