On Friday, January 4th, 2019, CHRM2 and UNEJ officially launched their Go Green Campaign. 50 participants gathered at the University’s Double Way for the Ring the Bell Ride around campus. Tegalboto 37 Cycle club joined university students and lecturers for the fun ride, proving that sustainable change can stem from the bottom up, (an image that is similar to the beautiful trees that paint our university campus).

Promoting environmental sustainability is a cornerstone for human rights, and riding bicycles around campus is an enjoyable and active way to lower our collective carbon footprint. The Go Green Campaign fun ride hopes to demonstrate that riding a bicycle, instead of using a vehicle like a motorbike or an automobile, is an easy and efficient way to make a positive impact. If we all commit to choosing an alternative mode of transportation, even if it is just for a morning, we can make a meaningful impact.

Join us for our next ride on Friday, February 1st! We will meet in front of the university at 7 am- bring your friends and bring your bikes 🙂

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