Indonesian Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) in cooperation with CHRM2 organises Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Human Rights Consultation and Complaint on 19 July 2017 at Senate Room, 2nd floor of UNEJ Law Administrative Building. It is part of Komnas HAM mission to prevent and clarify appropriate kind of human rights not only in national level, but also regional level, including in Jember. The FGD seeks to map current social situation in the region that will bring a better human rights enforcement in future.

Pengaduan HAMStarting the discussion, Head of Human Rights Enforcement Bureau at Komnas HAM, Johan Effendy explains Komnas HAM powers including investigation, mediation, research, education and service, justitia investigation and supervision related to human rights. He asserts that Komnas HAM is not a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) as what is commonly perceived by society, but it is a governmental institution. The Komnas HAM Commissioner Otto Nur Abdullah also delivers an introduction to human rights. He emphasises the two kinds of human rights comprising civil and political rights and social, economic and cultural rights. Commonly, human rights are related to civil and political rights, but in industrial region/development human rights include social, economic, and cultural rights.

Due to the consultation, Komnas HAM opens all kinds of human rights complaints. However, the complaint should be analysed by Komnas HAM. It is to identify whether or not the case categorised as human rights. In addition, the cases are probed whether or not in trial. In the context, Komnas HAM does not interfere the court.

The event is attended by administrative staffs of Jember District Office, District Police Jember, BPBH UNEJ, UPKBH UIJ, LBH Universitas Muhammadiyah Jember, and NGOs Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia Jember, Matatimoer. Komnas HAM is committed to take this agenda as an introduction which asserts there should be followed by further programmes. Tomorrow, Komnas HAM will open the consultation in Bondowoso.


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