In our collaborative efforts to advance research and advocacy initiatives in human rights, we have formed strategic partnerships with various stakeholders who share a common commitment to driving positive change. Our research partners, comprising leading academic institutions, government institutions, as well as national and international civil society organisations, bring a wealth of expertise and rigorous methodologies to the table. Together, we engage in comprehensive studies that not only deepen our understanding of key issues but also contribute valuable insights to the broader academic community.


Below is the list of some of our partners

  1. Sydney Southeast Asia Centre of the University of Sydney:

  2. Westminster Foundation for Democracy:

  3. Institute of Social Ethics of Nanzan University Japan:

  4. Politic and Government of Universitas Gadjah Mada:

  5. National Commission of Human Rights (KOMNAS HAM):

  6. Jurnal Integritas of the Anti-Corruption Committee (KPK):

  7. BG Circle Foundation:

  8. Balitbang of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights: