Regina Elisa Wijayanti (Program Officer)
S.Sos. (UNEJ)


Regina graduated from International Relations Department, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences University of Jember Indonesia. Her thesis about The Increase of Human Development Index in Turkey was defended in October 2017. Besides actively involved at the Centre, She has been active as an assistant of Project Implementation Unit Islamic Development Bank (IDB) University of Jember. Additionally, she had become University of Jember Student Ambassador since 2014 to 2016. Rights now she acts as a program officer of the CHRM2.

Organization Experience
University of Jember’s Ambassador, 2014 – 2016
Human Resources Departement in Profis UNEJ, 2015 – 2016
Secretary in ‘Suka Nyanyi.Com’, 2013 – 2014
Chief of ‘Cantus Caelum Choir’, 2015 – 2016
Support Team at IDB PIU UNEJ, 2017 – Now
Program Officer at CHRM2 UNEJ, 2017 – Now
Interviewers of Protocol Fair 2016, November 2016
Committee Leader in the Recruitment of Profis Batch 7, August 2014

Quantitative Research Methodology

Conference, Seminar & Summit
Presenting The Paper in Title ‘Village Internet Program as an Effort To Reduce Illiteracy in Indonesia’ in 2nd International Youth Conference, September 2017
Presenting Paper in Title ‘Poverty Alleviation Program: Lesson Learned From SRMP in Turkey and PKH in Indonesia” in 4th International Conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development 2017, December 2017
Delegation for The 26th Annual Session of National Meeting of International Relation Student at Padjajaran University, Bandung, November 2014
Delegation for Select Meeting for International Relation Students at Udayana Universty, Bali, May 2014
Delegation for National Meeting of International Relation Students at Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, November 2015
MC of 2nd International Conference Islamic Development in Search of Islamic Research Methodology, September 2015
Choir Clinic for Catholic Youth 2015, February 2015

Fifth Rank in 8th Rector Cup Choir Festival, General Category, May 2014
Best Position Paper Maker in Short Diplomatic Course with Them Asean Political-Security Community 2015, April 2015
Silver Medal On 3rd Karangturi Choir Games 2015 Mixed Category, November 2015
Silver Medal On 3rd Karangturi Choir Games 2015 Folklore Category, November 2015
Runner Up Choir Competition in the TNI 72th Anniversary

Thesis, 2017, Human Development Index’s Improvement a National Development Standard in Turkey