On 26 of July, The Centre, together with the University Cycling Club (TCC37) organized the Ring The Bell (RTB) #05 as our commitment to reduce air pollution around Jember. The RTB, as the monthly cycling campaign, went really well as more participants joining the campaign.

There are also more sponsors supporting this event, providing some door prizes for most dedicated, most enthusiastic, most active, and more chilled participants in this event, The Centre invited several governments’ institutions such as Civil Registry Office, Election Committee Office, Local Parliament Office, Banks, and Tourism Office. There are other participants from the University of Jember such as lecturers and students.

The RTB also received several sponsorships from Mandiri Bank, Indonesia National Bank (BNI), BRI and Rodalink, the official polygon bike outlet. The involvement of several sponsors shows that the initiative to organize this campaign was praised by public. The Centre and TCC37 as the co-organizers of this event hope there will be more support coming from the local government and the University of Jember.

See you soon in the Ring The Bell #06 in September 2019.

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