Sarah Davisson (Research Fellow)

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  • 4 semesters college-level French
  • 3 years high school level French
  • 4 months of immersive French in Paris
  • 1 month solo travel throughout Europe, in areas where English is not spoken
  • SPSS: Statistical Analysis in Social Science
  • Microsoft Office/Google Suite
  • Adobe Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro


  • Global Seminar at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana , Cali, Colombia; Summer 2023
  • Worked with Institute of Intercultural Studies learning about the 2016 FARC peace
    agreement, community-based peacebuilding, and establishing intercultural dialogues.
  • Conducted field research in campesino communities, indigenous reserves, and
    ex-FARC combatant cooperatives.
  • Semester Abroad at Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po); Spring 2023
  • Studied global political science and international relations issues through the lens of
    both local and international professors and consultants/industry lecturers.


  • Human Rights in a Global Perspective
  • Theories and Practices of Contemporary Diplomacy and Negotiations
  • Life After War: Community-Based Peacebuilding in Colombia
  • Primer on Guerilla Warfare and Counterinsurgency
  • The “Postcolonial Question” in Contemporary France: Islam, Immigration and Identity
  • Power and Poverty
  • Morality of War and Peace
  • Strategic Studies
  • American Soft Power
  • Black Nationalism
  • Political Ecology in Latin America
  • Culture Worlds
  • African American Political Thought
  • Comparative Political Systems
  • Political Change in Modern Africa
  • Latin American Politics
  • History of Western Political Thought
  • Blacks in the American Justice System
  • American Constitutional Law


  • Human Rights in Malaysia: SUHAKAM’s Mission (joint)
  • The Road to Peace in Colombia
  • UN REDD’s Destruction of Indigenous Communities in Latin America
  • Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo: Los Desaparecidos
  • La Violencia: The Legacy of Colombia’s Brutal Civil War
  • The Plight of Women in Higher Education and Politics in Kaduna State, Nigeria
  • Grant Proposal: Reversing the Decline of Democratic Governance
  • Anticolonialism, Postcolonialism, and Decolonialism
  • Fanon’s Vision: Liberation in Today’s Discourse
  • The Death of the Voting Rights Act: A New Age of Voter Suppression
  • American Welfare Reform for the Future
  • The US’s Use of Hollywood as a Soft Power Asset



  • San Diego State University – Expected Graduation August 2024
  • Major: Political Science Dean’s List : Spring 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022, Fall 2023
  • Certificate in Human Rights December 2023