On 2nd of December 2020, the Centre, together with Research Group on Human Rights, Power and the Politics of Global Order of the University of Malaya organized a symposium of book chapter project on Marginalization and Human Rights in Southeast Asia. The project was initiated by the Centre since 2018 as a platform to broaden its networks and add the Centre to the international sphere through publication. The event was welcomed by rector of the University of Jember, Dr. Iwan Taruna.

There were 11 contributors of the book chapter attending the event, representing some countries in Asia such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, and Indonesia. Some current issues in Southeast Asia were addressed by contributors such as minorities, children, gender, religion, ethnic, and marginalized groups. With a variety of academic and professional background, the contributors presented and discussed their manuscripts with editors and discussants.

All contributors have two months to revise their manuscripts prior to the submission to a book publisher. The Centre hopes this project will be able to assist young scholars from Asian region to publish their academic works.

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