Cindy Claudi Putri

Research Analyst

    Cindy joined the Centre in 2018, when she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in International Relations at the University of Jember. She now serves as a copyeditor for the Journal of Southeast Asian Human Rights (JSEAHR) and internal research projects under the Centre. Her expertise is in copyediting and journal management. In 2021, she (alongside Director Al Khanif) was appointed as a consultant of Integritas, a journal managed by the Anti-Corruption Committee (KPK).

 Cindy works with the director to ensure that all daily operations and administrative matters within the Centre run smoothly. These include communicating with the rectorate office, third parties, and all research fellows prior to their arrival to the Centre.

   Beside her active involvement at the Centre, Cindy has personal passions for dancing, K-Pop and culinary arts.