The Center for Human Rights Multiculturalism and Migration (CHRM2) launched its second Human Rights book on December 10, 2018. This date was chosen for the book launching because it coincided with World Human Rights Day. The human rights-centered book is entitled: Human Rights: Politics, Law, and Religion in Indonesia.

According to Dr. Al Khanif, Director of CHRM2, the launch of this book was based on the condition of internalizing the implementation of human rights values ​​and norms in Indonesia, which were still not optimal. These issues are caused by political realities, legal policies, and the influence of religion. These factors cause the internalization and promotion of human rights in Indonesia to be complex. Unfortunately, the implementation of these rights is often viewed as a threat to religious values, forcing the state to set political policies that counter human rights’ missions.

Dr. Al Khanif explained that, since its establishment in 2016, CHRM2 has published four books and will continue to actively promote the internalization of human rights through various activities. These activities include book publishings, seminars, and human rights training.

“The Human Rights Book: Politics, Law and Religion in Indonesia is our fourth published book, there are twelve writers who contributed their thoughts divided into three fields, namely politics and human rights, Law and Human Rights, and Religion and Human Rights. In the future, we at CHRM2 want to expand services by starting to provide advocacy services to the community,” said Dr. Al Khanif, who is also a Faculty of Law lecturer at the University of Jember and the Chairperson of the Human Rights Teaching Union (SEPAHAM).

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