On a sunny Thursday afternoon, September 7, 2023, the CHRM2 (the Centre for Human Rights, Multiculturalism, and Migration) community gathered at the Office of CHRM2 at UNEJ (University of Jember) to welcome our new fellows, Elliot Gross from Indiana and Naomi Frim-Abrams from Pennsylvania.

Elliot and Naomi had traveled quite a distance to be a part of the CHRM2 program, and their arrival was a cause for celebration. The event was attended by researchers and research assistants from the CHRM2. Elliot and Naomi, the newest members of the CHRM2 family, had already begun their journey to make an impact. They specialize in language editing for research journals and English for Academic Purposes classes for UNEJ students, contributing significantly to the academic environment.

The luncheon commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. Al Khanif, the director of CHRM2, who acknowledged the valuable contributions of Elliot and Naomi to CHRM2. Their expertise in language editing and teaching was already proving to be an invaluable asset to the program. Researchers shared insights from their ongoing projects, and research assistants discussed their experiences working in the field. Elliot and Naomi were embraced with open arms, making them feel at home in a new place far from their roots.

The luncheon concluded with a heartfelt discussion surrounding the future collaborations and discoveries that lay ahead. A group photograph was taken to commemorate this occasion and capture the smiles. The welcome lunch for Elliot Gross and Naomi Frim-Abrams was a testament to the CHRM2’s spirit of inclusivity and teamwork. It marked the beginning of a promising journey where knowledge, culture, and friendship converged in the pursuit of human rights, multiculturalism, and migration.

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