William Hunter (Research Fellow)
VIA Fellow



William Hunter grew up just outside of Charleston, South Carolina, and spent his adolescence developing a passion for music and learning about foreign cultures. He attended Clemson University where he focused his studies on US-China relations and contemporary Balkan politics. In the spring of 2012 William conducted a research project throughout the nations of former Yugoslavia and, after graduating in 2013 with a BA in political science, he returned to the Balkan Peninsula on a 27 month assignment with the United States Peace Corps mission to the Republic of Albania. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, he worked as a teacher and youth development organizer in a rural Albanian district. Additionally, William spent much of his free time during his Peace Corps service assisting various NGOs based out of Montenegro, Serbia, and Kosovo as a translator and refugee relief worker.

William is excited to begin this next chapter of his life as a VIA Fellow, as it will afford him the opportunity to experience a culture and region he has been curious about since his childhood. He looks forward to teaching and sharing his experiences with his new host community and hopes that the connections and knowledge he acquires as a VIA Fellow will benefit his ultimate goal of pursuing a career in sustainable economic development and international peace-building.