CHRM2’s Ring the Bell #05: We offer more prizes

On 26 of July, The Centre, together with the University Cycling Club (TCC37) organized the Ring The Bell (RTB) #05 as our commitment to reduce air pollution around Jember. The RTB, as the monthly cycling campaign, went really well as more participants joining the campaign. There are also more sponsors supporting this event, providing some […]

Hak Asasi Manusia: Dialektika Universalisme vs Relativisme di Indonesia

Editors: Al Khanif, Herlambang P. Wiratraman, Manunggal Kusuma Wardaya Contributors: Al Khanif, Atip Latipul Hayat, Ayuningtyas Saptarini, Bestha Inatsan Ashila, Bisariyadi, Dia Al Uyun, Dian Agung Wicaksono, Dian Ferricha, Dina Tsalist Wildana, Dio Ashar Wicaksana, Fajri Matahati Muhammadin, Habib Shulton, Haidar Adam, Hilda, Kukuh Budi Mulya, Majda El Muhtaj, Mirza Satria Buana, Muja’hidah, Prischa Listiningrum, […]

Politics of Memories: Struggle of 1965 Victims Communities in Indonesia

Rian Adhivira Prabowo Institute of Human Rights and Peace, Mahidol University Abstract 1965 is an unresolved case in Indonesia. Going hand in hand with the culture of impunity and historical amnesia of the events, it leaves the “victims” without any legal recognition. This paper will elaborating the idea of France philosopher, Jacques Ranciere, on […]

Land Rights and the Mega-project: Ownership Rights in the Shadow of Land Acquisition for the Jakarta-Bandung High Speed Rail Link

Dr. Alex Grainger University of Kent Abstract This paper proposes to examine how far land rights have changed in relation to land acquisition for ‘mega-projects’ since the New Order period, which “allowed the grant of rights to uncultivated and/or non-residential untitled lands without obtaining the consent of the relevant local community and without triggering […]