Alvian Rachmad EP
Department of Public Administration, Sebelas Maret University

Public Policy was born due to the struggle of ideas, interests, and power ideologies of political and elite parties. However, public involvement in the stages of public policy both supports and criticisms becomes an important factor in interaction quality of the State to the society, and a democratic accountability in making policy. The construction policy of cement factory in Kendeng mountains, Central Java has become polemic until now. There are some perception differences in the construction program between the minorities (sedulur sekep) in Kendeng mountains and the government. In Indonesia, many local minorities become the objects of marginalization and discrimination. This paper tries to examine by literature study towards the process of government policies, in this case is the construction of cement factory in Kendeng, with the purposes to answer: (1) Has the construction of cement factory in Kendeng been democratic? (2) How is the presence of the State, for the minorities in Kendeng? (3) How should the public policy approach with its nature of national security be?

Keywords: Public Policy, Democracy, Discrimination, Conflicts of interest

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