Ali Ja’far
Center for Religious and Cross Cultural Studies (CRCS) UGM, Yogyakarta

Enhancing economic surplus is required for proposing better social well-being. Plenty effort applied for eradicating poverty, enhancing social life and minimizing other social problems. Conventional paradigm about people would get better when economically getting richer was much translated in the modern design of development. Otherwise, the result in the development process is not always concerning on what it is expected. Bunch of proposed developments are profitable only for capital owner, but it is caused loss of benefit and unjust for the local. This research was taking place in the southern part of Rembang in Tegal Dowo in which industrial mining from limestone is prepared. Beside created long-standing conflict between local community and Cement Company concerning on agrarianism, there is also serious issue among community that is nationalism. It happened since Cement Company had considered as state enterprise and expected to give significant contribution for state-local revenue. Based on this issue, it is significant to trace the root of conflict of development and examine what are the meanings of development from the local community and how it contributed for prosperity-responsibility. This research would examine Katrine Marshal (2008) view about ‘blind-spot’ of development seeing that the model of modern development of economy had frequently neglected local idea about development and habitually destroyed natural economy. The significant findings in this research are about less involvement of local community as well as ignored natural economy in the modern design of development.

Keywords : Development, Natural Economy, Prosperity, Poverty, Rembang

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