University of Jember, Indonesia

Poverty is seen as an economic inability to meet the basic needs of food and non-food which is measured from the expenditure side. The poor condition causes a person to issue its earnings just to feed or food only and will ignore other needs such as education and health, so it will not feel a decent life. In 2013 4893 million (12.73%), while in 2014 the number of poor people amounted to 4 748.4 million (12.28%) means that there is a decrease in the number of poor people in East Java (BPS, 2014). If we look at the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), namely poverty and hunger in the world community. Gradually the number of poor people in East Java show a success in its development. Economic growth is key to poverty reduction that the East Java provincial government can improve people’s welfare, so as to realise the achievement of the MDGs in reducing poverty. Human Rights provides fulfilment responsibilities for Human Rights should be done by the state. Because the state is obliged to take maximum measures to fulfil human rights. The programs that have been taken by the government in poverty alleviation, among others: 1.Grant is cash to be given for the public as a result of rising fuel prices to prevent the decline in the purchasing power of the poor; 2. National Program for Community Empowerment through participatory development from planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; 3.The People’s Business Credit, a credit/financing to the Cooperative Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME-K). in the form of working capital and investments backed guarantee facility for productive enterprises 4. Rice Distribution Program for poor families through the distribution of cheap rice with a maximum amount of 15 kg / poor household/month; 5. Villages Instruction Program to empower the poor and backwards villages in both rural and urban areas; 6. Public Health Insurance to improve poor people’s access to health services free of charge.

Keyword: human rights, MDGs, poverty, East Java.

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