Muhammad Rizki
Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada

Border territory is paramount manifestation of state sovereignty. Consider, it is highly strategic in terms of the state framework for its promising opportunity in leading sector. Moreover, it is politically vital to the extent of state sovereignty aspects thoroughly. Thus, Indonesia as sovereign state, has responsibilities toward its border territory particularly on the fulfillment of border society rights as actualized in urban areas. This research paper aims to study the prospect and challenges of border territory, specifically in Temajuk Village which share direct border with Kampong Telok Melano, Sarawak. The research is a legal research. The data collecting method applied for this research is mainly focused on literature resources. Further, the Author performs field observation to obtain primary, secondary, and non-legal material. These materials will then be analyzed using qualitative method. The result of field observation showed that due to ineffectivity of sovereignty implementation as well as disorganized management of Temajuk as border territory have triggered to across sector problems as well as challenges toward national security. As impacts, the problems arise such as: cross-border settlement and farming, smuggling of commercial products and services (beyond bilateral threshold), international marriage without following legal procedures, foreign influence infiltration, issue of the shifting of border points and undocumented residences or immigrant. Ultimately, the Author highly recommends Indonesian government should necessarily draw high attention, set action plan and take prominent steps in border territory management, particularly on accelerating the leading sector of border territory, considering its significance as state’s gateway in line with holistic approaches to the livelihood of local communities.

Keywords: Border Territory, Prospect, Challenges, Across-sector Problems, Temajuk, Indonesia’s gateway.

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