Dr. H. Syamsu Madyan, Lc. M.A.
Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia

There are a lot of questions about the concept of Islam as Rahmatan lil ‘Alamin and the discourse of anti-violence (de-radicalization), as there is a sort of hermeneutical gap when we read Islamic texts and we see some sociological and historical facts of violence in Islamic world. How should we read the Quranic verses or the Hadits of the Prophet while being aware of the facts of violence at the praxis level, which later become the reference and the basis for some Muslims to have attitudes of exclusivism and anti-“others”?

In the world of education, the problems of the gap between the text and the context; the normative and the reality; the ideal and the pragmatic should be a very serious task for the scholars to think, It is very important for any initiators of Multicultural-Islamic education to search for formulas and to create bridges of understanding, so as to create a distinct epistemology for multicultural-Islamic education that can be a unique model of education without ruling out the sacred that has been taught as Faith among Muslim society.

This paper does not promise answers to these problems, but at least this paper will be reaffirming the importance of us to rethink these philosophical and ideological problems about the concept of Rahmatan lil ‘Alamin, to put that along with the doctrine of de-radicalization in the world of education, through more careful and holistic interdisciplinary considerations.

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