Illiteracy Alleviation in Tanggul through Literacy Learning Process for Human Rights in Education

Antika Hayati Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, University of Jember Syarifah Addawiyah Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, University of Jember Abstract The existence of education world in Indonesia is more modern nowadays, but the lack of quality education led to the emergence of some of the problems that exist in this […]

Islam Nusantara: Nyuwang Ngaten Tradition Study among Islamic Society Village Dusun Kecincang Bungaya Kangin District Bebandem Karangasem Bali District in View Islamic Law and Customary Law

M. Khoirul Hadi al-Asy ari IAIN Jember, Indonesia Abstract The research propose about the marriage tradition that develops in the small settlement in Bali. The research was done at the Kecicang hamlet, Bungaya Kangin Village, Bebandem Distric, Karangasem Regency of Bali. there are three questions that examine in this paper, first, how the concept […]

The Invisible Disability: the Challenge in Getting the Right to Education (A Reflection on Developing Integrated Intervention Model for Deaf Children with Hearing Aids)

Veronica Diana Asmarawardani, M.A. Family Tree’s Research and Development Abstract Born deaf is never been anyone choice. Numbers of deaf children tend to increase annually. Early intervention for deaf children is important. Parent play major role in the early stage. The decision to kind of intervention influences the following program. Yet, the limitation access […]

Managing Indigenous Cultural Rights in Indonesia through Governance Network and Legal Pluralism: An Examination of the 2014 Village Law

Mirza S Buana T.C. Beirne, School of Law, the University of Queensland Abstract This paper examines the development of indigenous cultural rights in a pluralistic nation-state, Indonesia. The examination is conducted in both theoretical and historical-doctrinal aspects. The history of Indonesia’s legal pluralism discourse has fallen in and out of favour. Indonesia experienced harsh […]