Antika Hayati
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, University of Jember

Syarifah Addawiyah
Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, University of Jember

The existence of education world in Indonesia is more modern nowadays, but the lack of quality education led to the emergence of some of the problems that exist in this field. The increasing number of illiterates in Tanggul, one of a district in Jember is a real form of education which is said to be “modern” is. This is due to economic circumstances were is insufficient fees in schools, also social conditions that include geographic and demographic. The surveys shows that the illiteracy rate further increased. whereas, as we all know, every citizen has the right to get a nine years minimum of compulsory education. The purpose of this research is to reduce the illiteracy rate in Tanggul to improve human rights in education in order to achieve sustainable education. This research offer a learning method uses the native language effectively and efficiently which is necessary to local communities in Tanggul. Hopefully, it will shows that in a few months, people was able to calculate simple and to read and write. Because the mother tongue is the local language which is very easy to understand by local comunities, long before Indonesian exist. At least, the people were able to obtain their rights and their obligations to pursue educationas in general—and in an easy way—to advance sustainable education.

Keyword: illiteracy, human rights, education

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