Between Defamation of Religion (Blasphemy) and Hate Speech: The Meaning of Restriction to Freedom of Expression in International Law

A.A.A. Nanda Saraswati, Setiawan Wicaksono, M. Choirul Hidayat Law Faculty of Brawijaya University Abstract Defamation of religion (blasphemy) and hate speech are two most frequently debated issues in many countries today. Both issues became controversial because there is yet a formal and universal definition agreed by states in the international level. Thus, the interpretation […]

Re-Considering the Gap between the Concept of Rahmatan Lil ‘Alamin’ and the Doctrine of anti-Violence (De-radicalization) within Religious Discourses

Dr. H. Syamsu Madyan, Lc. M.A. Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia Abstract There are a lot of questions about the concept of Islam as Rahmatan lil ‘Alamin and the discourse of anti-violence (de-radicalization), as there is a sort of hermeneutical gap when we read Islamic texts and we see some sociological and historical facts […]