Alvin Dwi Nanda
Faculty of Law, University of Jember

Terrorism have been explored by number of researchers entire the world in order to solve the problems related to prevent and reduce terrorist crime acts. The fact, terrorism becomes contradict with human right enforcement which is being main topic by leading countries. The effect of terrorism on the protection of women and children is an issue to be resolved. Efforts to research conducted by examining the human rights related to the protection of women and children is expected to find an overview of legal certainty associated with these problems. After that, the study will investigate the terrorist crimes which can influence on the disruption or loss of human rights of women and children involved in the scope of the crime. This study will be able to provide a relationship between terrorist crime and its impact on the enforcement of the protection of women and children. The conclusion which can be obtained from this study that terrorist crime is considered as crimes against humanity and crimes against the state turned out to have bigger influence, either directly or indirectly to the legal certainty enforcement efforts to protect women and children.

Keywords: Terrorist Crime, Protection of Women and Children, Human Right

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